MSD Design has a long standing involvement with environmental operator and processing companies. Our design office, partnered with our GRP (glass reinforced plastic) and steel fabrication units, has positioned MSD as a leading producer of GRP and steel components for environmental plants worldwide.

We have introduced innovative composite products to environmental waste processing plants and waste water treatment works.

MSD has a team of experienced surveyors capable of producing detailed site planning and layout CAD drawings. Whether it is utility, fire routs, structures or hazardous zone layouts, our drawing office can deliver client specific plans for as-built and new sites.

Offshore Drilling Mud Processing Plant, Aberdeen
Bespoke Lauder Channels & Weir Plates Manufactured
CAD Site Layout Packages Offered Detailing Services & As-Built Modifications
GRP Syphon & Weir Box, Canwick
Waste Water Treatment Odour Control System, Perth
Fire Safety & Escape Route Diagrams, Northern Producer, Semi-Submersible
Helicopter Fuel Hazardous Zone Study & Layout Diagram
Hazardous Zone Classification, ETAP Platform